Sierra Region Counties


The Sierra Region of Nevada is: The peaks, hills and valleys of the front range of the Sierra Nevadas… Where the climate for business is perfect! The Sierra Region consists of a diverse collection five counties: Carson City, Churchill County, Douglas County, Lyon County, and Storey County. Each of these counties is unique and has a lot to offer for both business and quality of life. To learn more about each county click on the county’s name below.

Carson City - Carson City is the Capital of Nevada, with a population of approximately 55,274, and is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Carson City is in a prime position for manufacturing, technology, and logistics industries.

Douglas County – Combining small town charm with productive farmland, the shore of Lake Tahoe, a low crime rate, world class skiing and continued growth, Douglas County offers an extraordinary quality of life. The three main industries in Douglas County are agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

Lyon County – Lyon County, Nevada is steeped in history, western lore, and tradition. It is also a region with beautiful golf courses, a wide range of motel and dining experiences, many new housing developments, new super markets and shopping experiences. Lyon County is an ideal location for mining, manufacturing, logistics, data storage, and agriculture. 

Storey County – Legends of the Old West don’t get any richer than they are in Storey County. Storey County earned its place on the map in 1859 when miners discovered the largest deposit of gold and silver ever found. Storey County is known for mining, manufacturing, logistics and tourism.


Key resources include: 

Forward Churchill, a resource site for site seekers and companies interested in relocation and expansion in Churchill County Nevada.